Add "Select all" option in Recruitment

It’s tedious to click every single unit while hurrying them up or adding same kind of units like 30 Infantaries in 1 squad. Whereas, it can be done by 1 click with “Select all” checkbox in the top right corner.

This option will “Select all” units and you can choose to hurry or transfer them into single Squad. And. it’s time-saving. as you don’t have to click all units 1 at a time.

Better for fast ticker ERA;s like E4 ( 12 tick per hour)

It will be easy on Android or other platforms too.
Won’t hurt fingers, No need of holding shift/ctrl + click (each unit)

Only 1 disadvantage: That, it might not work for the different units(like 5 inf 1 tank 5 vecs) in 1 squad.

Scenario: I have to recruit 6squads of infantries although I got enough time but I logged in the last 5min and result in I only able to create not that amount. Also, I have to attack too. So I missed the tick and the result lost my recruited units too.


You can actually click the top unit, then shift + click the bottom limit, and use that to select them all, if that’s any help…


Won’t be easier if a checkbox can do it for you? And, the players who love to play this but a few times they have to log in from phones. How are they going to perform that action? @Alexander


I agree with this, you can’t shift click on puffin and you aren’t of PC 24/7


Trying to rush inf on a 12 tick world on puffin is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy… Not to mention you gotta put them in squads after


Maybe we can add Training Troops templates ( A select amount of units and their types Saved in the training tab) that can be used used to train units on puffin with a single click ? Maybe even multiple templates.


That solves one part, what about the rushing part and putting them into squads after?


Selected all > tap for hurry/move them to squad

Currently, just like we do right now after selecting units than we make another tap./ click for hurry option or moving them to existing Squad or to a new squad


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But on a real note, this will be a life saver, small but a massive difference for puffin players and the overall community