ACTIVE_ERROR - No Activation Email coming through

Hi guys,

I’m an old player returning to the game, I tried to log into my account today and I’ve got an “ACTIVE_ERROR” message even though my login credentials are correct. I found out that this is because of my account not being activated with the email, which I found strange… I tried resending the email activation request and nothing has come through, can someone push it to my inbox? Or is there something I am missing?


@Alexander @Ash maybe they can help you with this

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Have you checked your spam box? Might be in there.

Assuming your game email is the same as your forums (could you PM me your username? I can check then!) no emails sent to you were bounced or blocked, so everything should have arrived… somewhere.


Not seeing a DM option? I can see my inbox but not a compose or even if I go to your profile…

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I took care of this.
Welcome back!