A new era idea for Earth 4

Since we all are back to being busy with real life again. I hereby purpose an era idea for Earth 4.
I think making the era only on Sunday’s and Sataurday’s would make it more life friendly. It would also generate quite the audience since a lot of people who just can not have enough of Battle dawn will be able to play the game to the full extent without having to worry about compromising their real life situations.
I leave a poll down below for your opinions.

  • Yes
  • No

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If this is to be happen, I would suggest for Admin @Simmen to keep a break like they did with the first ever 12 tick/hour Earth 4.
Thank you for everyone who voted.
Any other suggestions are always welcome.

I hid the results until closed to make it more of a fair competition.
This is my first time making a poll so if anything is out of order or not functioning, I request anyone of the maintenance team. Please do fix it.

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İts suck
we dont care when you on so gtfo

Smokey broski, bd isnt for kids who can only play when off school
Saturday and sunday is when most people turn BD off and live their lives

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I thought you had regained your senses past the championship era. Was I to be proven wrong.

The results from the poll are in.
The poll was 100% fair I went through the names of the ones who voted are all legit accounts.
I saw a little @Cosmin1980 voted for Yes. If the era does happen, I would love for you to try and win it.