A Battledawn Facelift: The Picky list of Reforms


I hope you all are dong well. A forewarning is that I don’t have much experience in posting anything to this site and I’ve been playing total wars games and watching historical documentaries, however, these would change the challenge and meta of Battledawn.

Without wasting time lets get into it. The castle system is for better words: Crappy. Back during 2010 it was a engaging game play loop. Invest in a structure, wait until structure is completed, then reap the rewards. However. This is the FuTuRe! We should already have flying cars! But enough of that. The castle itself should intrinsically
give you the base structures to operate with, and the only way to obtain advanced tech is by laying siege to mission castles, garrisons, and other people with these upgrades.

Next it is the war system. change army travel types where at the beginning your army will travel by foot and traversing unfamiliar terrains such as mountains and forests. Gaining the ability to traverse water and then air. Changing on how arrmies are formed are a must, it is extremely annoying to have your entire army exposed just by the death of one pawn.
My fix would be of two drastic changes: One) all information received on field won’t be accurate as spy magic is, and the death of a force would yield little-to-no-results. And Two) Train and Deploy generals. If you believe this sounds bad then let me know, however, it makes no sense even a world with either magic or radio. Who would be leading the warriors into battle and giving them a reason to be fighting? So to compensate. Army Upkeep it only applicable when they’re in allied settlements or don’t have a army take can forage the surrounding areas. Generals will have their different specialties for army types, terrain types, and varied tactics.

I always wanted their to be a immersive veil of drama and tragedy within this game, such as the alliance system. Where are now mutual allies with those within said alliance, meaning you can attack a ally either getting you kicked or making you hegemony. Joining an alliance and going into a war will have a effect on domestic relations within your colony, for the better or worst. Making you really have to think like a true leader.

When that isn’t enough then environmental game play. For Exhibit A: You start your colony near a mountainous region, and this mountain range was home to a volcano, giving any colonies with it’s radius a massive gold production, however, debuffing lumber and worker growth.

TL;DR: better castle structures through raiding or diplomacy, better armies with generals and harsher battle results, better alliance dynamics, and finally immersive and thoughtful environmental hazards.


didn’t read but i still gave u a like :wink:


I skimmed and didnt like ur suggestions but also gave u a like :wink:


What did you not like about my suggestions? It’s only the best to have have criticism from veterans.

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Just need a form of upkeep linked to colony, max amount of squads per OP, Conq and mine would be nice, give you a reason to actually defend your colonies rather than just build a massive army and have resources to move it, relics and xtals mean little as one isnt on the colony and the other just gets swapped anyway if you have the army for it.

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I used to play a game called Evony and quit it due to having to farm. I hate farming and would personally leave BD if I had to farm for upkeep. It is a miserable monotonous task.


sounds good man I really like it man

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