242 Looking new friends

Hello Everyone
İ cant talk good i dont have good english for that i hope your guys can understand me
I’ve been playing this game for a long time not a veteran but that’s ok I’ve always enjoyed playing with my friends We fought with almost everyone, sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, we always tried to enjoy the new things we learned and enjoyed by this time thanks to everyone , good luck for other new eras I saw a few families sharing such a thing and I wanted to share
We are looking for new players for BD2

242 !




I want to join can I ?

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why have you placed the f2 era 101 with a picture of me and friends that have boats.

we didnt play that era, and even if we did we would not play with you.
i had to do that once but thank f @Teaa was there to kill every signle enemy and get 40k+ kills alone coz you lads sure as shit did nothing.

me and newbie did wreck you on m1 when you played w cwl around that time tough.

also just incase ppl dont trust me…

i got medal showing jason dose the same ( check current e5 )


you lads can scroll through the rest we are not there.

also john is a dif story, never seen him play well only seen him stabb friends.

but i have heard good things about him for others so who knows mby ill give him an other chance befor the game dies.

honestly guys, especially new players you are better off joining atom.
while the leader got en ego and can never admit his own faults at least he treaths his memebers well ( most of the time ) and knows how to play the game. ( yes i said it neutron is actually decent )

or join sail and have a fun time, ill pay anyone 1 red if they get me a feet pic of @Greeny 100 if its in a possision i have not seen befor.

(no you can not join my team tnet we only take in ppl that have succsesfully done the best play in the game like @Excel )


best thing i have ever read


Please feel free to submit your applications to either MK or myself. You must have proof of your tactical suicide, and show how it won you the era. ty in advance


i’ve tactically suicided WITH mk on many occasions xd


I’m not sure if that would be the best course of action for the new players, because Greeny will simply scare the new guys.

Thats a lie I welcome all new fresh meat to the team just gotta carry your own weight


no we won the battle, even if we have 1 unit left its not a sucide.

me and excel flew in to a LD op to get ioned 30 times, so that we lost our armies.

thats a sucide

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E3 108… suicides as an entire team 2-3 times that era

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