1 round of battel = 1 tick

make it so battles happen 1 round = 1 tick. ops where a battle is happening are marked as battle zones and a player that puts their mouse over it can see that theres a battle going on and the names of the participating players. like, you could both land on same op and you could retreat after one round/tick. and it would also allow you to reinforce mid-battle. like having squads 1 tick behind or whatever would make them participate in the second round of the battle but not get any xp for the units that died in the first round of the battle. heck, if played right, it could make battles that go on for like 10 ticks/rounds if the participating teams keep reinforcing or outside teams join the battle. Having spy attacks like damage or lockdown happen mid-battel. It would add a different feel to the game. Kinda like how in actual battles things dont all just happen in one go. Some armies retreat, reinforcements arrive, missile can hit mid-battle, etc

before anyone goes off on me about how this is impossible with BD, i agree. this is most likely impossible to do in current BD. but might be something that can be tested or played around with in BD2. maybe have an event or beta testing era where people can try out this idea and give their input.

  • seems like a neat idea
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Seems like a neat idea


Seems like a cool idea! Question: how would range play into the rounds. Like if a battle has been going on for 3 ticks, do armor units get to hit right away? Or does the range counter start when the units join? (Armor units joining at tick 3 have to wait until round 6 before hitting)


Range units fire every round. Armor units that survived till the 3rd would fire if they came in on their first round. Any armor units that came in round 2 or 3 would not yet.

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Idk. I suggested a rough draft. I think it does need a bit of fine tuning and decision (if it happens) of how certain things will work. But overall i think it would be fun to try it out and fine tune it after community feedback to improve on it.

I do not think it should replace the main game of course. Possibly be a diff mode that maybe 1 or 2 worlds operate on, if accepted. Galaxy has quite s few changes to how it works, and it still exists.

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does this include rounds where r4s and r5s fire? if so it makes having r4s and r5s a disadvantage


We actually did consider adding this to BD1 before, though originally @Malicewolf and I had this coming up as an idea a few times back when we enjoyed bouncing concepts for BD-likes off of each other.

Biggest opportunity we saw here IIRC is that we could let spies take a more active role, introduce faster servers (offload the tick engine…), perhaps decoupling the tick engine from movement entirely, make wars more of a ‘constant skirmishes’ instead of ‘all in’ battles all the time thing…

That said, lots of things were discussed, even making lost units rebuildable and stuff like that :’) Not that any of that stuff is for BD2, more of a thing for spinoffs etc…

Nevertheless very interesting idea. I voted so I can see the poll results… Work-wise it’s not impossible, it requires a re-write of the battle engine but we’ve been considering that even just for BD1 for ages now, since the battle engine takes up quite a bit of the tick engines time.

Nice one Kaen!


Some details need to be worked out (if a spy damage is done to an op where a battle is happening, does it afftect all players that are there? With the 2 players having diff chass that would work out fine but if they have the same chassis it might not work too well if all inf or veh or tanks get damaged, since they would both be affected) that would make people more likely to use different chass from their opponent, even tho its already happening usually. But it would add a new element to the fight

Also, how range 4 or 5 work. I would imagine that any new army that joins has to start over from start. So if you have r5 you would get to do 2 ticks of damage to any units that are range 3.

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