Why is Neutron Banned?

Use this thread to speculate widely about the infallible leader of ATOM.


He asked to be banned. Was tired of this dead game with retarded Admins and a fcking bad Head Mod. (Josh and Simmen are the best).


Seriously? Why make a thread for this?

Shush it

We all deal with that and non of us got banned :roll_eyes:

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Because it’s a forum and speculation is fun?

Democracy, people want to know

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Well at the moment I’m perma banned for the past 19 hours and Admin Ash hasn’t replied my skype messages or my in game messages yet.

Banned through my own stupidity and naivety to be honest.

But apparently, I have multiple accounts on F2 lol. I made 5000 multies to farm a world I don’t give two shits about. :joy:

Will give proper details once and if I even get unbanned ever.

Hope that answers you burning question @Jazz , now go have a good laugh about it with your buddies.

PS. If anyone can contact Admin Ash please tell him to check his messages


careful there princess…


Long and short of the ban is that I entered a teammate’s login page (but entered no worlds and made no moves) because he was experiencing a non-loading login screen and didn’t know if something had happened to his account. ( this was eventually resolved some hours after after a series of resolution attempts.)

His login screen came up on my pc just fine and I reported to Admin Ash about what happened and his response.

Naive and stupid decision from me, yes. But I guess it’s a lesson learnt that good intent doesn’t stop your account from being linked to others. Then later I get banned out of the blue and immediately call my teammate because if he shared with someone else again and system still has us linked then of course I’ll be banned as well.

This was my little rant at him after I got banned and I understood how the link to the other players came about.

Never trying this bs again for anyone even if their account burns up before their very eyes.


Wait so @NeutronX gets perma banned for acc sharing. But every other acc sharers or multi acc players only get a 12hr temp ban if that?


He’s unbanned, we just needed to have a chat to clear everything up. It was a slightly fiddly web of connected colonies.

I pop red smoke for complex cases that require some kind of extra intervention to untangle - 12/24 hours would potentially leave an issue that needs to be resolved unresolved.


The second screenshot where the guy says “It was just a month ago”
I think when the players were having issues using puffin/photon and their ips would get linked they would get back to normal automatically within a week or something.
Being linked to an account for over a month means that the account was logged several times.
Now again idk anything, whether he logged or not after that one single attempt but yes now he has learnt and lets hope he doesn’t cheat again in the future


can i for one say im happy he is unbanned.
if neutron really did get perma banned i would have no reason to play :wink:



All the retards mentioned acc sharing are the ones we fought last M1 and whose asses we thrashed.

Go cheat some more. Your cheating and still got wrecked lol


ahhh yes when you guys brought 3 teams to fight their 1 team… yes yes yes

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it was 2 teams…one free token team which was a burden, cuz they dint do shit and we had to kill everyone so they got third :expressionless:

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