What world do you want?

Hey! After the amazing success that was Earth 4 running a 12 ticker, we figured we’d see if people were up for another round, or if it was a one time thing. We also want to see what type of world you guys want after trying it out once. (Ignore dates in the posts showin

Option 1:
1 16 hour pause, 12 ticks per hour

This would have 1 long break where people could live their life, then 8 hours of hardcore battledawn action. The pause would be between midnight CET and 4 PM CET, then run 4 PM to midnight.

Option 2:
2 6 hour pauses, 12 ticks per hour

This is for the people who requested longer breaks. Instead of 4 hours off, 8 hours on, it will be 6 hours on, 6 hours off. giving a bit more time to sleep and relax. The ticks would be running between 5 AM and 11 AM, paused between 11 AM and 5 PM, running between 5 PM and 11 PM, then paused between 11 PM and 5 AM (CET)
Ticks running

Option 3:
2 6 hour pauses, 6 ticks per hour

Battledawn haven’t really had a 6 ticker for a loong time. This will be a slightly more casual version of the 6 tickers where it’s 6 hours on, 6 hours off. The times it’ll be on/off will be the same as in option 2.

Option 4:
No pauses, 6 ticks per hour

If you’ve just missed normal 6 tickers this is your chance to get a world with it again! No breaks, no nonsense, just Battledawn at break neck speeds!

  • 1 16 hour pause, 12 ticks per hour
  • 2 6 hour pauses, 12 ticks per hour
  • 2 6 hour pauses, 6 ticks per hour
  • No pauses, 6 ticks per hour

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We will also let you players decide alliance sizes of this era. I think the 6 player alliances worked really well last era, but it’s up to you!

  • 4 players
  • 6 players
  • 8 players
  • 10 players

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Hoping to see enough people interested to see another era like this being played again, so vote and share!


Just vote 6 tickers without pauses if you want a stable world, and anything else if you want either getting money squeezed, or getting cancer. Weird how the better ideas have less votes, you dont realize what beauty an 8 hour 12 ticker could be. 16 hours after that to sleep and fuck


Yeah honestly, I am shocked. The 16 hour pause perfectly covers enough time for 90+% of the community to get a good night of sleep.

You can have a normal day and still play BD, like you’d play a few games of another game at daytime.

You’d think that’d be the dream of players, but I suppose we misunderstood what people want :\


If you would play BD again I will change my vote from (2x 6hours breaks 12ticker) to whatever you want :wink:

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Personally, and I think most of the players who voted like me for the (2x 6hours breaks 12ticker) think the same way, I want a fast era, a really fast one where you make decisions quickly and stuff, But at the same way I want to have breaks to sleep, I don’t want to be forced to stay awake for BD at night and kill myself, but at the same time, I want a I don’t want it to be like, 8 hours then pause, 8 hours then pause, I want to play the whole day and for a short period which is about 1-2 weeks because I don’t like long eras that stay for a month or so, this last E4 lasted for 4 days and was great.

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I did not play the last 12 tick era, not enough crazy in this lady to do that, but from those I spoke with who did, they absolutely loved it! In fact one player said it was so fast you couldn’t defend all the spams, and send off attacks in the same tick, and that is what made it so much fun. They crave the rush. Therefore, I think that is the reflection you are seeing in this vote.



where the fuck am i supposed to find so many retards like me ?!


Agree on the 16 hours pause - it’s the dream.

The sleep deprivation this era was disgusting and ruins your social life (if you have one). You could barely go for a shit or make food without losing ground or dying, especially during conflicts.

The 4 hour break just isn’t long enough; when you take into account the time is takes you to get to sleep and then wake up before ticks roll again, you realise you’ve probably only been asleep for about 3 hours - which takes its toll after a few days.

The 8 hour stint gives people the freedom to live their lives and still have the thrill of a fast paced 12-ticker game.


Wth its easy :rofl: :joy:

Everyone want 12 ticker but want long breaks…
Whats the point of fast world then…

No one says you shouldnt sleep or have a life but then go and play 1 ticker not 12

16h break is tooo much


12 ticker with no breaks is beyond no life , its dangerous tbh


I am willing to play with you :kissing_closed_eyes: :kiss: :heart:
and many people would like to play with someone smart and clever like you <3 :blush:

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My thoughts on what I just played:

  • The breaks weren’t long enough. 16-hr is a good idea.
  • When in middle of war, 5 minutes wasn’t enough to do everything I needed to do and coordinate other people, so the less people in the alliance the easier it is actually to coordinate.
  • 5 minutes was also not enough to play spam/anti-spam war correctly. 6-ticker is easier
  • If we do another 12-ticker less alliance members, if 6-ticker more alliance members.

I think the issue with 16 hour pauses is they’re the opposite problem of this most recent era - too long. I am surprised there isn’t an 8 hour pause option.

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are these gonna run regularly? I’m so down for this sort of thing esp once my classes are over and I can autism mode the whole thing


You think we play BD because we sleep? :wink:


This is exactly the correct response. I loved the 12 ticker but almost the whole era, minus you guys, burnt out. This gives the same insane fast paced action while giving every singe player the chance to sleep and possibly even work if they won the lottery on un-pause times.

I agree again with this, but 6 ticker has been done before and, while it was fun, it was nowhere near the insanity that was brought about with a 12 ticker. Spamming chat for people to move spies and for us to be launching end of tick on lock downs.

16 hour break
4 man

Perfect era :smiley:


Spec get off of here you quit BD XD


I can agree that the breaks weren’t long enough, but I think the spam/anti-spam portion is more fun if you CAN’T play it perfectly. Then you’re forced to quickly rationalize which spam/anti-spam is the most important while also moving your real armies. Makes it much more like an RTS like Star Craft


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Play me in starcraft 2 <3