What music are you listening to?



Can I have a warning as to which are weebery? :stuck_out_tongue:


On a rock binge


2nd and third one, and that should be it


they’re more gamey than weebery.

The demo for this is the Gato games theme if you ask me.


Why didn’t you post this before 1st of april? Should have made it so everytime you clicked anything it played a random cat sound.


best at 5:05

I also like piano


The only song anyone ever needs in their life.



extremely good taste as always bb

glad another one of these threads exist.



While feeding my other gaming addiction (Starcraft 2, add me if you play or want to!), I listen to this on repeat





my favourite badn at the moment, even though the frontman fancies himself an irish Ian Curtis.

“as it stands, I’m about to make a load of mooney”
“a pregnant city with a catholic mind”

they always find a way to shoehorn a pint of guiness into their music videos and l’m living for it.