Staff changes on Galaxy

Hello Commanders,

We’re glad to announce the addition of three new members to our admin team. Please say hi to @Kenny, @Gaurav and @Fluffeh who will henceforth do their best to make their era’s as interesting as possible.

This is part of a continuous effort to improve our team and I hope you will help them grow into their new roles. The sooner they learn, the faster they can spice things up. :slight_smile:

They will of course receive plenty of support from the current team.

Please rate them (and of course our other admins) in game so we can take it into account for our next shuffle. :slight_smile:

Of course, the new admins, being potentially prone to a learning curve, have no access to .com whatsoever for the time being.

Please welcome them to their team, they’ve all contributed to Battle Dawn in their own way for many years and hopefully together with you, they’ll be able to for many more! Be sure to place on their worlds as they reset to say Hi and give them a warm welcome. Or a good war. :slight_smile:

We’ll continue hiring potential staff as we aim to grow our company with BattleDawn 2 and whatnot, so of course feel free to keep applying for any job at

Thank you everyone, and a hearty congratulations to our new Admins!


Congrats @Fluffeh, you deserve this!


And @Kenny and @Gaurav


Nice save jazz lmao.


@Gaurav Congrats i think I might actually place on galaxy for the first time well deserved <3

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@Gaurav I guess my shouting on the big chat “make Gaurav admin” finally paid off :smiley:

Congrats to all 3, bd is in safe hands :slight_smile:


Where will posts for BD2 made available , curious

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@Gaurav awesome…you the only one that made me come back to play this game after a 2 year hiatus so well deserved…good luck hun


I wonder if our kids grow up and say “hey admin princess kenny is so inactive”
Here son, let me tell you a story of a myth named Joe


nono, by then they’ll be saying, “hey dad, admin kaen wants to talk to me”
“son, you stay away from that weeb”


which server is Kenny admining?

who wants to join my Kenny alliance for Kenny’s first era?

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Should of had me and Kenny run galaxy instead

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