SAIL FAMILY Recruiting Members

Love you too :blush:

PFF TLA, i remeber capo challanged HORD to come face TLA on F1 we came, and suddenly all of TLA was on vecation and not playing that era.

smh pussies

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mikoto u were told we werent playing that era vaction was planned stop crying lol

No where where told that lie 400 ticks inn to the era.

Also why come and challenge us then not show up… smh

That 2nd HoF image… VDV Indicators, lead by Sunit and many other players/alliances I’m able to recall seeing those images.

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youd be right about that one.

We’d like to congratulate @Teaa for winning E5 one of our newest members of SAIL.
Running up members @MikotoSouh taking 2nd.
LeBrow Taking 8th.
Myself taking 3rd.
For the rest of the SAIL members for helping out for what they could of done.

special thanks to @Excel and Johnny.




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Nopy you are SAIL? MK you too?

Nopy is luv…:heart::heart::heart:


we are all SAIL…


The main difference between greeny and neutron as family leaders is greeny makes it sound exciting

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youve forgot, im nothing like neutron. I dont make excuses.


Congrats to our Fantasy 1 team including @Teaa @Psi @Excel Simon and myself.
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Ah how nostalgic.
Same old joe

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Where do i register to be a member of the great SAIL family?


youre always welcome to join @Kaen my true love

since im writing on the walls of all the Rec new members walls.

this team is not rly a team anymore, it got players from all over with verry few to non exclusive members.
if you are a new player dont join.

if you are an exsisting player looking for some lads to have fun with go with it.
just play well, coz if greeny dont kick you ill plant and kill you if you play garbage.

also new ppl aint no one in there w time too teach you how to play, if you cant do basics fuck off.

new ppl fuck off
others welcome to the hell hole we are all sail now, until you play like shit

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wrong mentality lol. Id gladly teach someone if theyre willing to be as active as me. hell if theyre as active as me theyre already better than 80% of BD’s population


Eh, I’m open to new comers if they can keep up with being online. Never ask to much out of a person just the same as my self. working 12 hour days and playing is doable just work as a team and move on.