Returning player wondering whether to get back into Battledawn

Hello everyone,

I used to play battledawn years ago, starting when I was a kid before the game moved over to the new client and I thought I’d look back into it.

I was never a top player but I was in top 3 alliances a few times and held a relic a couple of times (before stronger players took it from me lmao), this was mostly on galaxy. I also fucked about a bit on rc.battledawn. I probably have an intermediate knowledge of the game.

I’m currently at university and am looking at giving battledawn a go, I wouldn’t be able to commit to it that much (especially once the new academic year starts), I also have other commitments like sports and society exec work. It’d more be a thing I checked on during study breaks or at the end of the day to take my mind off my degree. I’m guessing this means I wouldn’t be able to hold down a place in a top alliance haha.

So I had a few questions, do you guys think I should give getting back into it a go? Which worlds (mars,earth,fantasy, galaxy) are the most chill and require the least time? Should I just go for being a sub member or push to be in a top alliance? I’ve heard mentions of skype being used for alliance communications, is there a community discord too?

Also if anyone wants to offer me a spot in a sub or something I’d be down for that and really appreciative. I may be open to boosting if I play a couple of rounds and enjoy myself, always wanted to boost as a kid but didn’t have the finance to do so.


Well galaxy is the most dead you can get if you want slow, but it is little fun. Just join a JW team or a sub and try it out, pm me on skype, live:larryholsti so i can add you to the big BD chat, welcome back!


Welcome back!!

First of all;

Hell yeh you should, whats your skype so people can get into touch with you / Larry will add you to the Battledawn skype chat.


Galaxy is the most chill, because no one plays it. However, I wouldn’t recommend playing it as it doesn’t give you a proper BD experience.

You can always start off in a sub, and depending on how your going / what your IRL schedule is like move up to the main.

There is, however it’s no where near as active as skype. Also, most teams will still use Skype to organise, communicate etc, so getting that is a smart thing to do


Well, I will tell you this. Cheating is horrendous and the admins do absolutely nothing about it, actually most forms of cheating are considered legitimate game-play now. If you are willing to get over that, its a great game… If you are not, absolutely do not waste your time here.


If you want to look at a larger scale world but give yourself less risk of being killed while you are away I would say try E1


This. Hard to even find teammates that are legit now days. I know im bad at the game but at least im legit lmaooo


Hey guys,

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to give it a go! Currently I’ve set myself up on F1 and G3. I’ve messaged Larry as well about being added into the big chat on Skype (first time I’ve used Skype for a while haha)


Welcome to G3 :wink: I’m your admin. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

As for time commitment, the game is as you want it to be. It’ll no doubt be hard to hold down a top ranking if you aren’t willing to at least be on-call most of the day, but doesn’t mean it’s not do-able. With a bit of luck and some good strategy, you should still be able to keep yourself up in the rankings. Bigger teams are where you’ll likely be able to do best. Sadly, with G3 being a 2 man alliance world this time around it’ll be difficult to rank high unless you got a strong carry with you.