Opinion needed. Protection on relics. Yay, nay

Hi Dawners!

We talked in our admin chat about adding protection to relics and we found out that 2 situations could/ have happen or happened.

The top alliances will gather their units near the relics and as soon as the relic went out of protection ticks - they will launch to it and 2nd or 3rd rank alliances have to send back as they got outnumbered.

Not that active alliances get a chance to launch for a relic as they would have more time to gather their units

So, now, we would like to hear your opinions! What are your thoughts or experiences with relics being under protection?
I would like to create a poll later on (for all bd players, being announced at the in-game news), but for now, your own thoughts would be more than appreciated.



Imo, it’s better if there’s no protection on relics as long as there’s a prior announcement of when the relics will be released.

But if there are gonna be surprise relics then protection on them sounds good.

Cause if it’s pre-announced that relics will be released at X tick, the alliances will gather their troops for it anyway(and hopefully no alliance will be that inactive that they didn’t prepare for relics release in reference with your 2nd point)

I just realized while writing this, isn’t relics with protection (almost) same as announcing when the relics will be released(only difference being the locations will be known exactly)

In conclusion:- not really sure if it’s gonna matter that much.

Then again, I’m a noob so take my opinion with a bit of salt :stuck_out_tongue:


I have played on worlds where relics have been protected and not protected. It doesn’t really make much difference, as the large alliances will be ready to gather troops and take them if they are protected. If they aren’t they usually are on standby to jump and take them…unless you do like Joe and drop them in the middle of a huge war without notice lol Nothing worse, than being in a large fight and relics drop with no protection…so the little alliances gather them up, and the big alliances keep slugging it out. Either way is fine…to the victor will go the spoils, whether it’s on the relics, or by conquering the ones who take the crystals, and taking their relics.


Wanna improve?

Get active admins to place relics when they say they gonna place.
Teach them (learn a bit urself too) how to drop relics properly in the world.
(Excluding Josh and Simmen, they’re the best)

Then I would say, its a game that requires u to be active. Relics released? Get on to get them, it has nothing to do about X alliance have more squads or have more map coverage than Y and Z’s alliance. Thats why you expand and war/nap alliances to get more map coverage for the time when relics come.

I’d say the surprise factor is important, so no protection on it.

I like that, for me its a plus ++. Give the smalls team a chance to change the game for a bit and get time to grow up. Altho, some ppl in the big alliances that are at war would go for the relics and die on them (PLO knows what I’m talking about).


that can make huge differences i mean sure large alliances can gather troops but if other alliance have a better network they might just be able to sneak a relic because of shorter eta and smart gameplay with multiple agents (will make the big alliances think twice before taking it without a nuke)

more than the exact tick though I think a rough tick should be decided or perhaps the admins should announce a day for the release like they used to do earlier.

get people to look at the map actively, reward people for busting their asses scanning the map every tick. @Alexander might agree with me on this one.
I remember a time I would get calls at 4 am by my team to capture the relics and the skype would be going all bonkers trying to decide who grabs which relic (all within the tick, so that some other team doesn’t beat us to it)

another thing I feel is, relics with protection on a solo map should be a big no no. People still stand a chance at outnumbering players on team worlds. However, on a solo world the one with the largest army gets it (if he plans ahead and accounts for the relics placement at end of the shield)

Just this solo round, the rank 1 dude was a complete douche and abused this rule to his advantage :blush:

That’s my take on the whole relic with protection rule. Cheers.


I agree with Sassy Boy, on E5 previous era i decided to play BD again and planted in the corner of the map and sat there doing nothing the entire era. Relics came out and to my surprise they were in protection this was new to me at the time :smiley:#noob mind you i have 0 network, i decided to plant some ops towards the relic and grabbed 1. I did the same thing with the 2nd batch of relics, managed to grab 2 relics all while sitting in the corner and boosting an army of about 40-50ish squads cant remember. So for solo it should be a big no no, as for other worlds with teams idk there are pro’s and con’s to it. If in a middle of a war, players might get greedy and lose ground going for relics instead of fighting :stuck_out_tongue: but then again it doesnt reward the players that are active. My opinion would be to remove protection completely on all worlds.


Just do it and we will know how we feel about it.


How about removing the concept of relics? Let the game go till the end.


u deserve a special place in hell for suggesting such horrible ideas :’(

have u no shame :facepunch:t3:


How about like it was on the OC? Relics are attached to your colony :smiley:


If the goal is to make the difference without leaving the monopoly to the first 2 or 3 alliances, there are only 3 parameters that can achieve this:

  1. the volume of the army on the relics;

  2. the distance / location between the relics;

  3. the path taken by the relics during their protections:

If the volume of the army is studied before planting, we can make sure that one or two or three alliances can not colonize the total of the relics at the same time.
This parameter is usually taken into consideration but is not associated with the other parameters.

Concerning the location & the distance between relics, they are usually placed in different locations, … but:
this has no interest if the relics are in protection, placed in different locations and take paths that lead to a single location.
a contradiction that I experienced during the first implementation of the relics in CE2, when the 2 relics of the center of the map took the road to the other relics of the west, LOL.

If the relics are Auto directed, better not to put protection for particular eras situations.

  1. Also, we can add a 4th parameter, which, we can put the heat, it is the number of relic planted at once…
    (put the total of the relics at once, does not mean that the game will be short or something else).

mmm … this is the the umpteenth time I explain the 3rd parameter.


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Honestly, from my pov, it comes down to how much backbone the rank 3-5 teams have that really determines anything. Protection on relics can give those teams a chance as they usually aren’t 24/7 active to respond like rank 1 and 2. But if they aren’t willing to put themselves out there, it doesn’t even matter. Or you’ll get those who will grab it for the crystals, then immediately hand the relic over to the winner of the big war (and hope the winner isn’t too greedy for crystals).


yes, Protecting relic give chance to other team to regroup on 1 relic while other teams go for rest.
But there is no interest to make a protection for that goal if:

  • the relic will make a wrong direction
  • relics with an army that can be taken by couple of players. the team who control map can take total

have relics with random XP units, make it so those who solo or try take relics with 2-3 players suffer.

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Relics leave an afterimage on spawn and become invisible for the next 30 ticks.
Their trajectory stays hidden.
30 Ticks later they come out of their cloak and are attackable.


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Hmm, how about releasing the relics at the start of the era with protection but you cant see how long its protected?