My first ever serious era

I found Battledawn a few weeks ago when I was searching for a replacement game for a game that had recently shutdown. I originally placed on Mars 1 but by the time I placed it was already going so I didn’t really try and just built the structures. I started playing fantasy 3 originally solo, tried to look for a team but no one was recruiting. And then I got an invite from this guy with a shiny big medal on his colony named Leobratce.

I’d like to thank @Leobratce @sasuke96 @George @Gaurav @Irrational for taking me under their wing for fantasy three. Any question I asked they were right there with an answer, telling me which structures to build, and how to set up my squads.

With their guidance I was able to maintain rank 3-4 for a while in the world, and then we went after BP and I ended up at the top of the leaderboard. I definitely didn’t deserve to be there,if it wasn’t for Leo taking me in and my alliance giving me resources when I needed them I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near where I got to.

So thank you guys for showing me how caring people can be in this game, and welcoming to new players. Even though we ended up losing in the end I still had a lot of fun playing with you and I’d do it again any day of the week even if it ended in the same way.

(Also thank you to @Excel @Larry and Jason who answered a lot of questions I had about the game)



Always a pleasure, glad to help!


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob::triumph: ::triumph:


MFW I see Leobratce thanked for helping people. Jk, glad to see it.

Welcome to BD, it will suck you in if you aren’t careful. We all aren’t as evil as we make each other out to be, and new players are genuinely welcomed all around. I honestly kind of trust the hands you fell into to give you a good foundation.

(some random troll you may encounter in the future)


anytime, we welcome any new players, we are usually nice people. Dont forget there is always something to learn. I have been playing for 8 months and im the biggest noob ever still. you are always welcome to play with me. Good luck to your future eras!


Era isn’t over buddy. Always happy to see new players care and keep playing past the tutorial


If things do not go the way you wanted them, do not see it as an indicator that you are a bad player and therefore the better option would be to quit and find a new game. This sort of thing as being outnumbered on our first serious era has happened to the the best of us and yet we kept playing and realized the stay was actually much more rewarding in terms of the fun you’ll be deriving and things you will be learning along the way. I recommend you stick around because there will be many eras to come which will be played seriously right from the beginning.


Hopefully we’ll have a better era together some other time! We’re all kind of busy in the meantime and so we cannot keep up with the way things move at such fast a rate on three tickers. A ‘you only live once’ kind of battle I believe was the better option in that situation. I think you are a promising player Adeptus.
Do stick around! This is only the beginning. :wink:


Glad to see some fresh blood :slight_smile: You fell into some good teaching hands as well. Take their advice in like a sponge my friend. You are definitely in good hands to be taught.