Mars 2 (Tho homo era)


Okay guys Mars 2 has started a new era
I think this era is going to be Uber competition since it’s duo
Those of you who haven’t planted go grab your homo mate and go Yolo this era
Let’s all plant and share the homo love :slight_smile:
Let’s see who makes the best duo.




Tick 84.
Looks like lots of good teams playing this era and competition aswell.


Rank 1 has 2x the power, and 8x the army of rank 2. Interesting competition. R1 v world leggo


No further updates? :frowning:


whos rank 1 and who needs to have me get killed by them?

Tick 187




CP and TP warring? any updates on current wars?


The rank 1 is stabbing everyone
come on guys start planting lets take out rank 1 :slight_smile:


Well Rank 1 taking over.

do with that what u will


Tick 226

Only major war going on that I know of is nip vs More

but More just smacked us so we will see


Surely TP, CP and HW will work together to make this era interesting? it’s a 2 man things can still change