Maintenance Team open for Recruitment

Hello Commander,

We need people to help us test things (or help in other ways) in a more intimate setting. This can mean Battle Dawn 1 changes or bugs, but also specific tests for Battle Dawn 2!

This is meant for players who love the game and would like to contribute to its future. There’s no rewards in terms of tokens or status, so you should be able to enjoy this sort of thing to apply.

Interested? Apply here:

Thank you for helping!


i want to help with this. Hoping it doesnt require any technical knowledge and just feedback.


@Rank seems like something for you!

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I can, but that involves playing, and you know what it’s like having to play :smiley:, but I do admit if I am given a special environment to test these things, I can figure out more BD inner code and perhaps any exploit that comes with it XD

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İ wanna help too ^^

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Uhm, isn’t the job of this team to make your life miserable then :’)

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Isn’t the code base of BD a real jumbo, that unit kill on 75% hp problem could not be addressed because of it.

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The codebase of BD isn’t great, no. We could certainly re-do all the rounding of the battle system though, that said, I don’t think that’s worth doing at all… You’re free to make a suggestion about it, but I don’t personally consider it a problem right now. The simulator is always consistent with the real battles and real battles are always consistent with each other, after all.

owo @Rank senpai do u wanna be the senior and ill be the junior UwU

Do you need people that have certain knowledge like programming etc or just players for Alpha testing and Beta testing? I would like to help depending on the time you need us to contribute.