Last person who posts wins the game


Oh look at this thread


Yeap… (@Alexander change the 20 character limit)


so how is BD now a days


Hello Dan, I’m sure you’ll see on m3


How bad of a cheat would it be to lock the post right now? :sunglasses:


I did that already lmao…hence Zealot saying don’t do it again


Someone revoke Gaurav and Simmens Mod status.
Cant have tyrants ruling.


@Simmen I think we found the first person to ban on the new forums.


Please not this again


I was just suggesting it, what kinda monster would actually do it… Looks over at G


Ups and downs as always, hopefully more ups now. We removed the server maintenance and greatly improved the latency etc, keep more backups, have more admins and have a marketing expert again.

Going to be awesome, hope we can get to a point where every era is like 2 e1’s ago (great competitive era with many involved players and 1000 posts on the topic!)!


Boink (extra characters)


Hmmmm…should I suicide 210 units into my conqueror for fun or should I stack armor and maybe get blues?


find some guy who actually plays and just farm him for exp


Have I won yet once again?




oh in that case i will be open for 1 ticker invites just message my skype i guess


Wait, we don’t need 20 chars anymore?!


We do!

But I have a little trick…


This text will be blurred