Hi i'm Revan! Returning from a 8 year break

I know its a long shot but im looking to reconnect and to make new friends in the elite players :slight_smile: I have the winter off and would really like to get some new wins under my belt. Also just want to rekindle the fun of this game that got me hooked on it so many years ago :slight_smile:


Hello Revan, welcome back! I hope you can find your old friends and find a good group to play with.

If you don’t find anybody else to play with though, I’d love to have you join us in E2. :wink:


Thanks for the welcome! So far there are far and few oldies left lol

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Welcome back Revan. Come and join the mass Skype chat to catch up with folks old and new. Add me oxfgaurav

Did you have a starwars Jedi Avatar?

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Revan sure does sound familiar, can you name some players or alliances you played with?

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I remember you

You were good

Welcome back

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Hi Revan, Did you play on the OG client?

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Any fan of the true dark lord of the sith is a friend of mine :slight_smile:

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