Galaxy 3, Era 92

Hello everyone!
G3 has reset and this era will be a bit different! Everyone grab your friends and participate! The top 10 teams will get rewarded, but the real deal is based on the relics! ANY team holding a relic at the end of the era will receive extra blue rewards (only if holding relic when era ends). Holding an additional relic will give an extra 250 blue reward at end of era for the team holding. And each additional relic will earn you more blues! (however, for each additional relic held, the reward will be lessened by 50 until it hits 50 as the lowest). Maximum reward for holding all 10 relics for the win is an extra 1000 blues. (meaning 1st relic will give 250, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100, 5th 50, 6th 50, 7th 50, 8th 50, 9th 50, 10th 50). Good luck and give it your all!

  • Alliance size is 3
  • Tick speed is 3
  • Tick limit 1000
  • Only 3 control ticks needed to change alliance (careful of betrayals!)
  • Relics will move very slowly
  • XPV2 is still in effect.

Rank 1 reward - 2000
Rank 2 reward - 750
Rank 3 reward - 500
Rank 4-5 reward - 150
Rank 6-10 reward - 100


my first galaxy win :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What is XPV2 Can someone please explain me