Galaxy 3 Era 108 settings vote

Hi Folks!

As you may have noticed, G3 has had a bit of a creep of different settings lately. A lot of these seem to be quite fun, but knowing myself, at this rate, we’ll end up needing a book of biblical proportions to describe them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to start cutting out settings and for that I need to know what you guys do and do not want. Please keep in mind that I will decide in the end - I’ll consider your votes but I’ll balance out the results into something that I think makes for a compelling world.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Relic Release

  • Current (top 10 teams get a relic)
  • Current Modified (top 5 teams get a relic - 5 relics in total)
  • Regular (10 random relics)
  • No relics

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  • Resource Bonanza modified (current but improved further)
  • Regular
  • Regular modified (slight balance changes)
  • Scarcity (less than usual)

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  • Current (Unlimited agents, nerfed protection)
  • Regular

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  • XPv2 (army-wide xp, large amount of transfer xp, xp from bigger battles only)
  • XPv1 (XP per soldier killed, XP from AI colonies, less powerful upgrades)

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Ill give my take on what the settings should be.
-10 man teams
-48 hour pause upon reset
-Unlimited ticks
-10k blues reward to be used on BD or BD2
-10 Relics for 100 ticks to win
-Winners will be sent a trophy and every member in the winning team will have a special medal on their account for BD/BD2
-May the best team win :slight_smile: