Galaxy 3 Era 106 is looking eventful! (Resource Bonanza!)

Hello Commander,

Galaxy 3 has restarted and this era will be a bit special. Resource production and worker count has been drastically raised, in addition to various other twists to the settings!

Please keep in mind that while we tested it extensively, this is not an era to play if you like things ‘stable’. Some mid-era changes or broken systems are possible. Should be fun though!

The settings this era are:

  • Alliance size at 6
  • XPv2 Enabled.
  • XPv2 transfer rate is at 70%, baseXP is 1 per 30 killed soldiers, minimum XP gain to gain any is 5.
  • 1st Place Reward is 3000 blues
  • Additional reward of 1000 blues for collecting all relics.
  • 100 blues for the other top 10 teams. So make sure to place and collect it. :slight_smile:
  • Each top 10 team will receive 1 relic, protected temporarily, owned by their leader, placed close to their leader/their hive within reason (no abusing, I’ll try to put each in a fair position)
  • Relics will not be moveable this era.
  • Starting resources are drastically increased.
  • Squads cost much more oil to move.
  • Resource caps are doubled.
  • Maximum resources from boosts are doubled.
  • Worker growth is greatly increased.
  • Worker limit has been set to 4000.
  • Worker production has been increased.
  • Relic production has been greatly increased.
  • Conquer production has been slightly increased.
  • As these settings are having their first time use in the game, they may change during the era. We’ll try to somehow replace them if that happens.

There will be various small events during the era itself, in addition to a generous early boost, so join up and let’s have fun!

– Alexander


Oh look another Galaxy world started, time to not place again


it’s fine, not everyone has to like fun <3

Dont plant here muha , Alex is much more strict. might endup getting ur whole team banned this time instead of half :stuck_out_tongue:

@Alexander We dont want G3 , WE WANT BD2 , BRING OUT BD2.


Free blue again here we go !

Alex is a p. …

World is fun so far :slight_smile: bit fast for me being a 6 ticker but the resource income should create some good BRs!




That income and 30k res cap though.

So as part of playing this world I was having a wonderful 8 hours of sleep as promised by our fearless leader only to wake to find 46 squads at my shield :frowning:

PR after requesting a full era nap and us agreeing to it have decided to team up with their mates ER (Secret sub @Alexander - do they still get a relic?)

If anyone would like to come join this world and wreck havoc on them to even the odds they are more than welcome!


Quick update on the war effort… We lost :slight_smile:

In other news the world chat quiz hosted by Alex was fun. The questions were definitely quite challenging with Kaaaaaaw picking up about 6 of them so well played to him.

Also I requested to see the income of the top player and he kindly shared with permission to post here:

Good luck to anyone else that opposes them! :rofl:



I’m deciding on wether I want to do this sort of thing more often and if I want to try balancing this a bit more and turn it into a more regular thing.

Any votes would be very welcome. :slight_smile:

  • The Resource Bonanza event made this era much more fun.
  • The Resource Bonanza event made this era more fun.
  • The Resource Bonanza event didn’t really make this era more or less fun.
  • The Resource Bonanza event made this era less fun.
  • The Resource Bonanza event made this era much less fun/I didn’t play it due this event.

0 voters

  • I would love to see the same or a similar event next era.
  • I would enjoy this or a similar event next era.
  • I would like to see this event some other time in the future.
  • I would prefer not seeing this event again.
  • I will not play era’s that have this or a similar event.

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Thanks folks. :slight_smile:


The higher income from conquers here makes boosting irrelevant (other than oil at the start) so it was a fun era, would love to see more income on other servers as well :smiley:

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Hear me out. Draft era with resource bonanza!

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:confused: lol


They should honestly make a really OP income era. Imagine how fun it would be to just go crazy with insane amount of units(with no overhead)