Funny BD Moments

Or more like, your ego is breaking through the proverbial roof on that one, and it’s not even a half true statement.

Never once heard someone say “Hey man, come plant on this world, Neutron is really WHOOPING MY ASS”

That’s just some fanciful daydream you have going

( also biggest thing I find amusing, is that you would think people are scared of you personally and not the team itself, as if you ARE ATOM in its entirety lmfao. Keep that ego in check, dude )


I had to once :smiley: Not telling people to plant, but I had to do some serious diplo with small alliances on a world to build up while we held neutron up. Had to stay alive for over 500 ticks until the teams I talked to could build up enough to help us out. But neutron’s team did indeed wreck my team prior (damn holidays).

Those trashing Neutron, it’s really his ego you have a problem with. He is actually a good player. But like all of us, sometimes goes for too much.

As for the

I mean, it kinda is him. Like, folks hear Moo and have flashbacks of nam. They don’t think “oh hey, those people”, they think, “god frickin damn it, it’s god damn malice. Kill him with fire immediately before he trolls us”. ATOM is his team, therefore, he’s at the core of it. Of course, the folks in the team make it what it is, but they choose to follow Neutron, which says something.


“damn holidays” yet didnt miss a damn tick for 500 ticks straight. :confused:

I don’t know bb, I just like messing around. I know Jason is good, thanks though.
Also, I am 100% jumping the bandwagon cause usually the bandwagon is shit on Larry. So this is a nice change and fun. But yea all in fun. I am sure you really are a decent player. I never had a problem with you in ATOM, only with Jason. witch it kinda fucking ironic now that i think about it. fuck you Jason <3

also, stfu, are you even relevant? I never said he was not better than me. Everyone and their moms know that Neutron is better than me. I never claimed to be somebody, I am just another player trying to learn the game stuck in the normal whirlpool of a shitshow we all call our homes.

P.s Ppb u r noob and a piece of Shit better don’t write till u better at game

use a google translate please

Its no need to be afraid of ATOM, they only play dead eras and win ( and if its dead you aint playing there )
or play eras thats competetive, but they where not really trying so when you beat them it dont count as a win vs atom.

aka atom can never losse a serius atom era becuase the defenition of one is too not have challangers

( this is the new bd acadamy they plant and others leave them alone so they can try out the game or if you dont your a dickhead and neutron gets defensive grrr )

awww, now i love you again
screw off to all the haters

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I still feel like this is your ego talking, more than anything else. You think you’re the entire team, he thinks he’s the entire team. When you talk about your team, you shouldn’t ever say “people are scared of ME”. Humility and modesty doesn’t have much appeal here because you’re all pricks and ego flows through you more than blood, but hear me out in that it’s a good character trait lmfao.

( Who the fuck is Moo? :stuck_out_tongue: )
Is Neutron a team, or a player? he’s most definitely a player.

And what does this game require to win?
Hint: It’s a team

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The title reads Funny BD moments or Neutron’s Ego?
Read the title and post accordingly.

Woah woah little boy! Only I am allowed to talk to Larry like that, fall back in line son.


ATOM lacks members… unlike SAIL where I say don’t fear me fear my team mates.

None is legit scared of this ATOM trash.

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Fear us, dont fear us who gives a fuck?
we arent like you and sail that depend on people fearing us to feed our egos
you guys speak of neutrons ego so much and yet you dont stop for a moment and put yours in check
Join ATOM to all those sensible people out there :slight_smile:

PS: no one is legit scared of this SAIL trash :wink:
and can we go back to memes and pictures of funny BD moments


miss u anu ;(
let me join atom @NeutronX

It’s my troll team name. And anyone who’s seen it and decided to attack it has almost always regretted it. They usually win, but it’s usually after a gruelingly long war when the era should have been over 1000 ticks ago.

As for the ego. Sure, i’ll say it’s a tad my ego. Ego is part of BD. I’m not gonna sit here and say, I did it all myself. But I am the one who got it set up and people choose to follow me. That in itself is part of having a team name associated with an individual.

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Larry keep playing… We will meet soon :wink: I will war u for practice and to get some fun before CE

Hope u will be ready…

:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: sry FPS :smile::smile:

lol @MikotoSouh im just now seeing this but WHO said im sharing my coke :open_mouth: all mine.

i said you selling it for a premium price :wink:


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where am I :frowning: