Feeding Reds and Bleeding Hearts

Ok, so I see all the time people just throwing around big numbers of how much they have been feeding/or been fed reds. (Unfortunately, I never see those come across my account somehow)
How much do you people actually feed and how often? Everyone throws out your numbers. Yes, this is a dick waving contest so please make in entertaining. Also, @Sakrie please help make this interesting per usual.

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Well ladies looks like this is another misogynistic pig topic…

Shame on you Larry.

sorry angle, it is a figure of speech. You are full welcome to participate

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most ive sent is 1 red

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I’ve shared reds, and I’ve had reds shared with me a lot in this game…but how much is none ya business…but with that said I will say this…I remember when I was a little newb and I first met antrax….I ended up on a team with him…for all of about 100 ticks…as that’s about as long as antrax stays on a team…but anyway he took a screenshot of all his reds and sent it to the entire alliance gloating…he had over 10K reds on the account…but with that also said…it kind of made me sick…and turned me off of telling anyone how many reds I have or don’t have…have had sent or haven’t had sent…as that type of ego makes newer players feel poor and not good enough to play…and let’s just say I never played on a team with antrax again…

idk why but I laughed so hard at this

but going back to the topic… I have been sent a decent amount of reds a few times during my short “career”
Mk has sent me like 5k total
PLO sent me 2k
Trajic sent me 1.5k(dont think they were his though, don’t recall who’s they were)
Alfie sent me 1k
Greenbay sent me like 1k long ago
Ustaz sent me about 1k
and some others at lower amounts, but yeah… that’s about it

I never feed reds but yes I got fed

In one f2 about 10k by Alex barrow(not playing anymore)

10k+ by a old player returning zero(@wanheda he was that galaxy guy player with us)

Ahh Gage fed me last f4 in f4

Lol there so many more ppl :joy: I can’t take all names but yeah thanks to those good friends .

Ps- I got reds for not attackin ppl :wink::yum::joy:

I’m a red lover…

I never got any reds my whole career - Forced to buy 10k a day and share it amongst the noobs that I pay to carry me :yawning_face:

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I sent u 500 one time noob :expressionless:

prolly like 30k reds , highest ive used in one era. fun times

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and i you… :slight_smile:

:smile::smile::smile: it’s ok as I’m not playing rn but when I comeback u gonna unblock me :wink:

sh. you unblocked me ages ago for nudes. dont forget.