Earth 5 - Era 83


It’s time for a brand new era on Earth 5, with a little change - Static relics remain, but all other Earth 5 custom rules have been suspended, and will be revoted on this era (as well as new ideas taken on board).

Who’s going to pull out a win this era?


wait are all of them gone?

can we please keep the rule that having people plant to take relocation ops still get you banned.
coz it hell to play e5 if you cant relocate to your allies during war beacuse someone random plants and take your op


I wish my dad would have


Turn the op into a tb and defend it. Network to your relo ops so you can gate there.


that dose not help if you make it when you realize shit i need to relo soon.
coz w out 24ct thats an issue


Sounds like just rushing to try and escape war. Either preplan a relo location and op or risk not being able to relo.


This ^

The ability to plop an outpost somewhere distant and relocate to it without units in the area is a luxury.

The existing rules seems in many places poorly defined (including vague references to future votes) so it seemed most prudent to just cull the lot and start afresh.


4E’s way of threatening people in solos



LUL !!! Ahahahhaha


2 4E players down or should I say 1 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

MX leader of the cheater cult -

His multi that suicided on me on the way back from his troops -


i think its time for me to come boost 40k reds and die 10 times to you as well tea