Earth 4, 12 ticks per hour, 8 hours a day. Weekends off

Welcome back everybody!
We had a vote, and even if it was pretty close, the settings decided upon was the same as last era, in other words:

12 ticks per hour
8 hours running, 16 hours of break
Weekends off
Between 4 PM CEST and midnight

Hoping to see you all there in this fast adventure!

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Wtf all that vote’s and what not for the same god damn unfair timings :slight_smile:
I hope this game gets bought by a rich guy and shut down absolute shit

how can it be more fair than what people voted for?


Good luck and have fun to everyone this era :slight_smile:

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rip i guess no sleep for me

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Because its inherently not a fair vote?
Don’t mind it tho, it is what it is

yeah pretty uunfair not pandering to a minority


Thanks for an interesting day 1 everyone :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing how things will develop tomorrow! :blush:

Whatever it is dont mess with us sleepers…


almost brings a tear to my eye