Earth 2 Era 89 Discussion




where are we planting :confused:


what happened to the “i quit” speech…


Oh yeah thanks for the reminder. Sorry guys, blame gage :frowning:


hehe, everyone can thank me later :grin:


Tick 331. hehe vs. SAIL has paused, PLO has spent his last paycheck on joining this era, and now this era will probably be drug out till the tick limit is reached.


@Psi @trajic1 lets plant yes?


Lmfao! I won’t lie…

It’s far more impressive when Trajic or Psi say it than when you do, LB.


plant next to me you can have my conqs, getting bored of this era




go back to TVing and dying to rudi


if was TVing how would I have died?

C Rates dont belong here :frowning: keep getting carried


Don’t be salty because nobody is intimidated by you :frowning:

You’re not psi or trajic, it’s okay.


im not talking about this era lol im talking when Vega TV’d you