Earth 2 Era 89 Discussion


Tick 3


Tick 4


Tick 12


PLO in Africa??? Is he gonna pull a win this era?


Seems like a few teams popping up this era too. Competition on eras finally?


Tick 22


Alliances evenly spread on the map looks to me a good era
Let’s see how it goes good luck everyone


Tick 32


Stop uploading map status every 10 tick -_-
It’s not a CE ffs lol


I dont like your tone mister.


Sorry sir I’ll send u Bob and vegan right away


Thank you, you will be forgiven this time.


Any news on SGC in this era? or did they not plant after countless eras asking for competition and finally getting it.


No, we aren’t playing. Considering we played and won the last 2 not really sure why you’re trying to present it as us trying to avoid competition. It’s called taking a break?


Did i say you were avoiding it? No, i simply stated that there is competition and was curious if SGC was planted. No need to be a baby about a simple question.


Ok lol, well there’s your answer.

Also, we dont do this at all. You’re the one who goes round begging everyone to play vs you (then lost e3 in a day? nice). PS also challenged us later in the year because he wants ‘competition’, so not sure why he’s liking all your posts either.
Regardless, hope this is a good era for all involved


I didnt even play E3 active? Nor was it my team, i didnt lead it. I also didnt ask anyone to plant for competiton. I wasnt even aware we were going for the win til tick 40. Why does it matter who likes a post?


Sit here and bark all you want. I asked a simple question a simple No were taking a break couldve been the answer.


Where’s the competition this era? Lmao the jokes


Be straight man you just want me to like youre posts
So gayy and I love it. :3