Earth 1 - Era 56

Ive actually done that before, turned right on the dot so it said 0 ticks eta but never landed and turned around for 3 ticks




I have played this game a long time and took breaks here and there, but the final “glitch” in this era that cannot be fixed according to admin @Alexander and @Simmen was the final BD straw that broke this camel’s back. I cannot continue to play a game that justifies “stealing” money from players due to glitches they can’t fix.

Unfortunately all glitches that happened are considered as “common knowledge” for a long time, that noone gave a shit to fix them xD
Its nothing that Simmen can do. And nothing will get done as BD"1" is done, so we kill with the glitches and we die with it as well. Lucky for those who wins, sad for those that just want to play a good game.

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Well sadly this one hit my pocket book…as it was reds spent and wasted…and what just was returned is not near enough to get me back in the game. Not worth wasting more time on this game.

not even for CE era coming up? most of the glitches now are just taken as mechanics

LeBoink, explaining the glitch is a long story…this one was not mechanics. I’ve just spent the last hour speaking to Alex about it…now I’m waiting to talk to Simmen again…this era is done for me…and not because of my playing…but because of a “server error” it seems. I can assure you if this glitch happens to anyone on CE it will turn that world upside down. This is not the same glitch as mentioned with the gate above. This has to do with a relic and delays not setting due to a server error, causing the squads to get locked down and then having to disban the squads because Alex misunderstood what happened to us, and didn’t know until tonight what really happened. He spent an hour trying to figure out why it happened. Not sure if he did or not but it will effect CE badly if it happens there. Anyway…it’s too late now to make up for all that has been lost this e1…goodluck to everyone left in the fight.

So update since EMPR (now TSS) is no longer updating constantly; TSS has been pushed into the corner of Russia by THZ, but holding out quite nicely now. It’s very obvious they are looking for any chance to hurt THZ as much possible so the cat and mouse game is strong.

00 vs MPA has been a very dramatic war. 00 has made leaps and bounds on them, but there was also some game glitches that hurt MPA quite a bit. MPA has also been pushed into the corner of Russia, but holding out.

LotD vs SVaP has been a slow war. Rank 1 LotD has been warring SVaP (formerly Shib) since they also started warring with EMPR (now TSS and have been at peace with for while). LotD pushed SVaP into their corner in Svalbard. They made a push into the heart of Svalbard, but then pulled out suddenly after NOT conquering all of them. Which leads us to the newest up and coming news!

LotD vs 00. Just a little bit ago, LotD launched attacks on 00. Guessing they were a bit worried about how fast 00 caught up in the rankings in the last couple hundred ticks. The war has just begun, so not much to be posted about it other than the initial start of the war. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

Tick 1222 so far. bout 800 left to go! Will EMPR be able to find a way back up the rankings? Will THZ somehow continue to cockroach their way through the era? Will LotD Keep rank 1? Will 00 clutch the era from behind after joining in late? Find out next time on DBZ!!


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Recent Br’s

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More death


lol why yall showing off when the team stopped playing smh

It’s always fun to post BR’s. Even if the other team is done. Nice to see what folks had that’s now dead :wink:

But kudo’s to EMPR/TSS. It’s been a fun 1000 tick war.


took you 6 days to kill an afk army LOL

Was it only 6 days?

And yes, it took 6 days for your active folks to stop protecting your inactive ones ^^
We ain’t stupid ya know. You had well more than enough to wipe our entire army out in an all out battle. In fact, I even crunched out the numbers even though it went well beyond the 1000’s in the simulator (which is very annoying). You guys would have murdered us and still had some armor left over.

It’s when your enemy makes you gruel on longer than they “wanted” that they stop trying. :man_shrugging:


I think we were not dumb to rush into battles and wanted a good fight with less losses as patience is the virtue and pretty much what malice said
You’ve died like 99x times this era. Make sure to upload this era on your SAIL recruiting family “Topic”.
Good game to the rest of the team who played well and gave their best to carry this bisexual duck


And now the fun begins.

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Hahaha, is this even worth getting involved in at this stage? May just wait till next era… :thinking:



Nice end to the era

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And 1 last battle. GGWP ALL

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