Congratulations New Best of All Time Leobratce

He’s played selflessly for years and one of the best teammates you could ask for. Besides his twin Psi, I couldn’t think of someone more deserving that would actually accept this.


As a perfect example of his humbleness, his name stands for the team n friends.
Djina, Felipe, Gaurav, Rudi, Sean, Usta, Kent, Dan, Adip(Sasuke), Trajic and Friends

Below are a few words from friends, old and new.

Felipe: Something nice about Leo… hmm, I remember inviting him for an era and he was like… “nah, no”. It was sad but was the first and last “no” I got from him. That era was one of the best era I’ve played, was vs trajic, Djina, Rania, Hunter, Kyl and few others. I wish he were there on my side that time. But then we met again in another era and played together, since then we were like one, 4 years pissing off ppl, killing enemies and friends and having fun together. He has supported me on all my golds and in every decisions Yolo or not were all in, never to lose but also do not always to win, without any complains like a brother and I couldn’t give him a better gift than the Boat, he deserve that shit. For more years together.

Dan: Haven’t played with you much, but the few times we have you were a cool ass dude. Hope life treats you well, til next time. Peace.

MK: How dose a man living as wild as him never miss a goddam tick? Lol but for real, he is one of the few players that are active and skilled enough to deserve it. And he happens to be a super nice guy so I hope he keeps rank 1 for a good while :slight_smile:

Energy: His memes are the best. Liven up the Skype chat always. Best motivational any team can get

Rudi: Leo has the sexiest hair in BD. One day he will reach my level (devil)

Kent: Leo is a beautiful human being but he sunk my boat tho:(

Sean: My favorite green giant, the best green goblin, and the eternal god of bd! You play like a true god, congratulations Leobratrace

Sue: I like that Leo chose a name for his Boat HoF which reflects the contribution made by his whole team

Djina: There is one crazy guy, green hair is his style

He is funny he is smart, plays bd day and night

Always there to save us all, playing with him makes my day

Never lose always shine, thats why Leo’s boat is the best of all time

Trajic: Without sounding soft, I actually do love Leo. One of the best if not the best and most loyal soldiers that I’ve had the pleasure of leading as-well as playing with and against.

He always plays for the team but expects nothing in return (hence his final ign).
Eh, who am I kidding he sucks and will be remembered for his heartless actions in bd.

Sorry I couldn’t speak good of him too long, as he has used my ign and avatar to troll my friends one too many times :smiley:

Very big congrats to Leo aka blue trajic

Barcode: LEO IS A GAWD

Bilal: Leo is a great guy he deserves all the best hope he wins the lottery one day love you bro :smiley:

Sasuke: Hey about Leo Took me a day to check what I like about him then I realised this was my first era with him so… "Leo is crazy but I mean that in a good way. He reminds me of rob in many ways and I love that guy for one reason. He will do anything for close friends. And that’s the vibe I get from Leo too. Glad to have him as a friend. Keeping slay you sexy joker you (rock) "

Alp: leo,

the community must be grateful to you, you made us check BOAT page without curse this game, and finally we all sure, there’s someone at the top who deserves. That was my first stressfully era with you, I should thank you as personal for whatever you taught me and gave me faith when everything was going to be fucked up, hope we will see future eras as this then I can find more chance for playing with you. that’s an honor for me.
well as I said this era was stressfully a bit but that gave us chance to show our shills on warzone and we did it. i am thinking, difficulty tied us more to each other. (nohomo)

Congratulations bro, and your green hair. i seriously believe it blessed us when we needed to faith :stuck_out_tongue:

John: He truly is a good teammate. Much more stamina than I have, is a funny individual

He seems to be going mgtow but I like him regardless

I would happily help him out however I can because he’s just that type of guy

Sorry I know it’s too late but my emotions just got ahold of me I had to let them out

Congrats again my white brother, glad to have met you in this game and beyond and hope we stay friends forever. :heart:


Congratulations Commander Leo - Greenland
indeed a well deserved BOAT :slight_smile:


very heartfelt, this is what makes BD worth playing, the community. GG Leo, tho i have never played with you, you make the chats hella fun


Congratulations Leo.


This has to be the biggest BD scam.
Our leader Black panther was promised that if he gaveup then they will name the BOAT as Trajic is Gay , but instead it looks like Leos cat jumped on keyboard while changing ign and now they are trying to make sense out of it. SCAMMMMMMMMM!!!

Congrats Leo for BOAT


Still better than half of boat’s stats. Even ketans from what I remember. And isn’t he the “Eternal god of BD”


Idk lol I just add screenshot of stats of the boat player whenever I make a Boat thread but was inactive during ketans boat


Leo makes era’s look 2 easy, add Felipe in the team and these 2 win you eras while you get to have some nice sleep, gg Leo, fck Brasil


I don’t mean to sound negative but why do we need a forum post for someone’s BOAT? Am I the only one seriously thinking about this? Why do we need to post comments of people who already compliment and circle jerk for each other every era?

The amount of effort put into trying to come across as a cute group of friends isn’t really fooling anyone.

I understand there’s free speech and all, but its getting tiring guys.


It’s quite simple. The thread is to show our love towards our member. That’s what this community is all about right? Appreciating the person and his efforts.
We don’t need to put in efforts to try and come across as a cute group of friends. It’s not a reality show. It’s quite literally appreciation. Something quite underrated in this game.

There’s so much salt on rest of the forum… some sweet wouldn’t kill anybody :smiley:


If ya’ll want to suddenly start being sweet, then extend that sweetness to the whole damn community. The hypocrisy from most of you guys is breaking my back.


You can post whatever you want, simple as that, if you don’t like it just ignore it how hard can it be. Maybe you are just jealous you don’t have friends who would do something like this for you?


“Appreciating the person and his efforts”

I’ve pretty much appreciated anyone and everyone for a good game

I remember appreciating you for your pincer trap on m1 too. Don’t see the hypocrisy lol.

Plus it’s not everyday that boat #1 gets replaced. and deep within even you know Leo is more deserving than ketan of all people. So maybe dial down on the salt and enjoy the thread :smiley:


Yes, Leo is more deserving. I made that clear on the skype chat and offered my own congratulations. My comments carry no salt. I’m simply baffled as to how far ya’ll taking this.

I don’t remember any of the other BOAT holders having forum posts that talk about how many times the BOAT holder has jerked them off on various eras. Lol sorry, its just hilarious. I’ve said my piece.

Congrats again Leo, looking forward to interesting eras in future.( to battle not battlehug)

PS. Editted to clarify


Your post just actively discourages such future attempts is all I’m saying. Maybe this can be a start :man_shrugging:


yeah stop with all this positivity. Fuck you Neutron


Fuck Muha, fuck Brasil, fuck RM, fuck Man U, fuck Leo (homo)


Congratulations Leo, really well deserved!


Wait what the fuck ketan was rank 1?
+20 respect points to leo


fuck G. barca cant even beat Shitterpool witha 3-0 lead :wink: