CE3 Teams? 🤪

how many teams do you think will show up to ce3 mains subs ect…

i think over 20 full teams will show up.

comment blow on what you guys think!

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I think the turnover will be WAY less than what people expect.
I just dont see the hype this time.


It’ll start mostly lame and then teams will try to steal a cheap win and out-spend each other in the end since that’s how the rules are set up.


agreed… most relics wins? fuckin pathetic


04-05 ftw teams at max , people would rather farm the other servers which will be dead during CE


Close all other servers pronlem solved


Farming servers wouldn’t make sense when ce3 blues go to bd2 only one server worth playing now the rest mean nothing.


Tried to explain this to someone, they just couldn’t understand it… sigh

Also, like damn, the only era that matters is happening and people want to shoot dragons on AI cols in a dead world?


Personally , im playing other worlds atm simply for fun, not trying to save tokens or farm medals simply because I know that i dont have the stamina needed for a 6 month era without ruining myself and Im in quarantine now and am bored now. CE3 being a 1 ticker just wont cut the pace in terms of relieving the boredom. Considering the amount of teams planted on f2 (nearly 20)lots of people have a similar idea.


That isnt a cheap win, fact of the matter is with final score being irrelevant , if someone does pull something like that of I will salute them for proper planning and time management as well as efficient strategy . If someone has warred the whole era but then loses due to the relics in the end simply means they didnt plan properly and didnt war smart at all

nonetheless i still predict a lot of teams will be planted in the beginning due to country lock downs and the whole era will be interesting simply because of that.


Yeah like whats the point of that? CE3 is the last good era we will get on bd, then we can all play the new game bd2 start a new journey.

People placing on worlds are farming blues for ce mostly and warming up for ce3.

I really dont think you understand how active you have to be for a 1 ticker, it shows more skill on them than just being someone who can stay awake for 2 weeks on a 3 ticker or even a 2 ticker.


i just see this comment now haha @BaBaBaBaBane