BD 2 Suggestion Thread

Hello Everyone!

I think its evident that by 2020, our game will have to change in some way/shape/form.

So I think its time we make a thread of all the changes/updates we want to see in the next rendition of BD.

Whether it be game-play, user interface, graphical, or auditory updates. Please list all your suggestions.

This game is as much ours as it is the developers.

Wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for us, so now is the time to shout the changes you want to see!


I would suggest territorial boundaries, simply to show almost where one alliance ends and one begins. Can give some perspective on alliance size/territorial holdings as well as show strings of outposts that have been taken by enemies.

And not the influence circles that are already there, I mean something like this:


BD auditory Updates.

I want a nice sexy military lady or man saying “Orders” when i click the orders tab and “Messages” when i click messages

“Build an outpost”
“Not enough resources”

Some AAA title polish would do BD2 nicely :slight_smile:


Piggy backing off of this idea to update Alliance territories.


The ability to toggle certain teams off and on!


I like this. What game btw? It looks like call of war but much better. lol


Hearts of Iron IV, I love playing it personally.

And yes, their territories are neat as hell.


Best war strategy game of all time. Single player, serious multiplayer, meme multiplayer. So good.

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Looks like some Crusader Kings 2 type nonsense (even though Alex said it’s HoI4), I dig it.

Going off that, perhaps some RISK type benefits to people holding entire continents/areas? We already do have that in resource outposts in a way, however, going against my own spit-ball idea.

Perhaps the chance to put bounties on individuals? (Can easily see how that could be abused, however.)

I’d honestly just like to see more concrete rules in what you can/cannot do especially involving “random spammers” and whatnot. I recently heard how users of certain mobile apps were being threatened with bans because the apps use built-in VPNs… this is nonsense in my personal opinion because pretty much everybody uses mobile apps for logins these days and some are far more reliable than others. I under the “backend confusion” aspect of it, but either blanket-ban all 3rd party apps or create specific guidelines.

When is the tutorial update happening? I’ve heard “soon” for ages.

Potentially re-creating the “newb” alliance led by various community-leaders in each era.

Either way, we all know the new updates need to have new players and retaining new players as the forefront. No, I don’t play now. Yes, I do care about this game.


It is Hearts of iron, to clear that up


Thank you, I did realize that by Alex specifically saying what it was. I was just trying to say it also looked like CK2 type map.

If I wasn’t heavily invested in CK2 I would take a look at HoI4.


Only really worth it if you are interested in World War 2 type stuff


I love ww2 stuffs but i prefer the fantasy/medieval ones. hahaha.


Updated In Game Chat.

Honestly its kinda sad that players are reliant on 3rd party messaging.

Make alliance chat and world chat more interactive and look better. dont delete messages after 20.

Allow for tagging, maybe creating individual chats within the game. e.g. I want to make a chat with the leaders of the era.


I had approached Alexander with the idea a few months ago to have a completely isolated and independent chatting ability through the game so that you are able to make multiple different rooms with other players etc so people can 100% be anon through the era.

However he told me it would be too much work for the gain, hopefully once the more important things are updated or fixed we see cooler updates like this


Someone give me andrei’s email and EVERY DAY I will email him to make BD an exe or client based.


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