Battledawn players in real life


sits back and awaits all the bashing


Is it me or these two guys look quite similar?


She’s into facebook, rarely in skype. You know, most girls nowadays are really into social medias. lol :smile:


I just got plenty of (girl) friends in gaming world. They are light and fun-hearted players. Although Kaye is special because I know her in real life. haha :smile:


that’s not you in real life tho smh


No, that’s not me. It’s my friend Kaye. :slight_smile: Although, every time we played together she’s always been my representative. lol


I don’t have a beard tho (Yet :P)


Go to a Pav-wala and get some.


But I’m broke :’(
//20 20 20 20


yall have professional cameras or what? i heard suits so here’s my high quality pic taken from a low quality phone


Represent what? lol (20 chars)




hahahahahahaha welp :’)


How did u send this message? lol






ok got it lol


Baccha :joy::joy::rofl::joy:


You were caught in a lie, lying about her name. It’s obviously just a picture you took off the internet. Your reaction proves you do not know her at all. You could easily post a picture between you and her and make me look dumb. But you can’t because you don’t know her.

And to not be a hypocrite, here I am! :slight_smile:


You kind of look like a door-to-door vacuum salesman
I mean this in a good way