Ban bought? In Earth 1

Coincidentally, when we were about to kill squads, my ally is banned for allegedly sharing an account.

We have sent a message to the admin but he has ignored.

According to him no one has sent messages.

Thats sad

We are not playing to win top 1 but it’s bad that the administrators are like that.


Simmen never ignores messages about bans that I am aware of. Last era 2 of our players got banned and Simmen always replied promptly. I suggest another message to him on game. You can see in game when he reads the message.


Timeline: I placed the ban right before tick 66. You messaged me tick 66 regarding the ban. I told you to have him message me. He messaged me tick 69, I answered tick 72, which is the same tick as you messaged me saying I hadn’t read his message (about 20-30 minutes after I had already replied to him). Got a reply from him tick 75, and have answered tick 76.


simmen layin down facts


Casually when we were going to move they give ban.

We are not playing to win but it is boring to take away the fun.

We just want to have fun and accustom our time to the worlds of 1 tick.

Anyway, thanks for taking your time.

We’re not boosting so we don’t lose anything.

But if that’s the way it is now I can’t imagine how it will be for the championship.


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I don’t comment the facts of a ban publicly, at least unless the player asks me to. But there is a good reason the ban stays, and I think if you ask him, he’ll say why.

Also, it took him 3-4 hours to send me a message about the ban, it’s not like I ruined something urgent.