ATOMIC Family Recruits!

@wanheda can i join your alliance for future eras?


Oof… Don’t ask don’t tell


IK is the best family in BD hands down, we all know that no need to rub it in all our faces gage

BTW cant believe i missed this post

How do I join


Map Updates?

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You need one of your guys make bc in all eras to get more recruits.:slight_smile:

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Im new how can I join?


hehehe you cant :smiling_imp:


Just hit up the Skype contact


Can I join ATOM papa?


No you can’t!

Cause it isn’t “papa”, it’s Sugar Daddy Neutrino <3


Y not and sugardaddy? hmmm , will he send reds? if ye sure mi sugardaddy uwu


We are still recruiting guys! New and Old folk. Just hit up the skype contact!

i wanna join ATOM
How can i join


After a break of several months to let members recuperate and allow others to reach out and make new friends we’re back for a few more rounds. We planted on e3, showing swift dominance and putting the competition to bed within 150 ticks. The rest of the era was merely a training exercise and had some nice coordination work. Thanks to everyone involved!


The family also had a few members lazy about on f1 and ended in 2nd place for some free blues. Congrats to SAIL for their free win.


A few more era wins and updates to come as eras are not yet ended.

We’re actively recruiting old and new players. Especially new players who believe they are active and seek to hone their skill through a few fun eras with a serious team. Reach out on Skype via my skype Id - mauricegorleku for further screening and discussion


its a pitty that out of your last 8 eras played you got 1 era win to show for it.

i will give you this tough, you do teach new players how too play the game an for that i thank you.

just swallow your ego and stop making excuses for your losses zzzz.

i do hope you win the current e1 tough, as its an actual competetive era and it will alow you to back up your smack talk.

coz showing off 1 win on a dead era like you said your self winning after 150 tick, is nothing to write home about.

you dont see Teaa writing a forum post about how he killed your team in 150 ticks on f3… sorry meant your 2 teams zzz


if you are new and looking for a team this is actually the best option out there, but be warned the leader is delucional.


e3 is leggit the first era ATOM has played since last 2 e1s where we merged with Excel’s team. We also played F1 (as shown) alongside e3 but not to win. I don’t know how much longer i need to stress this point. You can call me a loser or whatever you want but I haven’t lost 8 eras dude. I haven’t even PLACED on 8 eras in the space of the last 3 months.

My last competitive era was about 2 - 3 months ago on m2 where I got banned in some weird chain. Took a break right after cos I was extremely pissed. My era before that was a win with Seaweed’s team and so was the one before that. Then I played e1 with ATOM and lost around the same time as my e2 win and then the event F4 next after my long break. It’s not that I have to prove anything to you but I’d just appreciate a little truth out here especially for the new players reading. I have a responsibility to recruit players from eras I feel are good opportunities to observe people.

So you can say whatever you want about me, but leave the decent win record of most of the family in peace. If you can’t accept that I decided to watch on e2 and f3 that’s totally fine. But there was NO ONE else from ATOM in Yinyang’s teams and I challenge you to prove me otherwise. ATOM doesn’t magically appear where I plant hope you can appreciate that difference. I’d love to keep this page focused exclusively on recruitment @MikotoSouh thanks.

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F3 in a team w boosters like yingyang.
F1 boosting your self we placed in a circle around you.
What is it 2 or 3 e3s we beat you on
The era you got second on only coz greeny was nice
E2 you just lost to jason n co

Its a few mars eras in there

I mean i could keep going, like current f3 where you are leading a team n so on…

But i think ppl Get the picture

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I would suggest you create a different thread to criticize Neutron. Clearly, the more off-topics posts you create the more of a fool you make out of yourself. Don’t you get tired of always trying to drag down the same player who’s genuinely doing his best to make this game enjoyable again for the remaining newbies who don’t stand a chance without a slight push in the right direction? I’ve read most of your latest posts and it seems to me you’re only focused on the details, never on the big picture whereby someone is actually trying to make this game a better place for old and new players alike.

We’ve all had our shares of wins and losses. This is simply part of growing as a player much like good and traumatic experiences are part of growing as a person but there is no basis why one should focus too much on either of them, in game or elsewhere. As far as the game is concerned, It’s not like they mean anything anymore so long as players plant on worlds and donate to gato games to keep the game alive and fund future projects such as the upcoming BattleDawn v2.0.

A founding member of atom.


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Uhm, how else do you figure out the big picture if not by looking at the details? That’s how you tell if somebody is bullshitting or not… by looking at the actual events and context. Otherwise, everything you are saying with the ‘big picture’ is meaningless.

You don’t complete a puzzle by looking at the picture on the box, you have to look at each piece and fit them together.