Ask Kenny anything

Don’t get too lewd with your questions or I’ll probably ignore them and delete the post.

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Why is water Wet???..

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Water in of itself cannot be wet, as wet is defined as something that has water on it. This meme already got destroyed years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why did the BD brass give vehicles a bonus against tanks , and made tanks the counter to inf , when in real life tanks will blow any vehicle outta the park while infantry in close combat are super dangerous?


I mean you want the real answer? I don’t think they really thought about it lol.

I like to visualize that vehicles are just quick and make it close to the tank and do the same thing you were saying about infantry, but infantry can’t really make it that close to tanks and be able to run out of a blast radius… but I wouldn’t even run infantry vehicles tanks, that’s just boring.

Why we’re not running robot unicorns, cowboys, and dinosaurs is beyond me.


Do u also used to play coc (clash of clans)??
That shield emoji is the same :slight_smile:

How serious are you taking BD2?

Fuck, marry, kill
Colin Moe nick

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No, haven’t ever played it.

BD2 looks awesome, I’ll probably play a couple rounds but it depends on how the community is there.

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Wow, this one is very hard.

I would marry Moe, as much as Nick/Colin would make great husbands, marrying Moe would mean seeing his memes forever and that is the most precious to me.

I would fuck Nick, he’s a sexy motherfucker. I don’t know what Moe looks like, and Nick > Colin here.

I would have to kill Colin. Yeah, them’s the breaks. I guess that would make me family head of BYZ with Buford though. Mo’ power ya know.


When does BD2 release :yawning_face:

Every time someone asks that question, Alexander pushes back the date by another day. I told him he’s insane but he doesn’t want any of it.

so, when is the release of BD2?


Hey yo kenny when is BD2 coming out?

memes are dreams aren’t they

This is for real ? lol

Then, how can I sim an army with 50% hp ?

Either I’ll deduct armor from their army to get a rough idea if it’s a win, or I’ll just math it out.

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If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Natalie Dormer. Honestly would just like to stare into her eyes, or do literally anything with her. She’s a cutie pie.

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